Image of 'My Hip Hop Story' Children's Book - Paperback, Signed

'My Hip Hop Story' Children's Book - Paperback, Signed


My Hip Hop Story takes readers on a short, educational journey and is suitable for all ages. This beautifully illustrated story arc showcases the various artistic disciplines behind "Hip Hop" culture. The "four elements of hip hop", covered in this children's book are breakdance, graffiti art, emceeing (rap), and the art of DJ'ing.

'My Hip Hop Story' is told through the eyes of young children in a classroom and incorporates memories of their talented elders. This passion piece was created using approachable words and imagery, making it a fun read for anyone; from child, to parent and even grandparents. While this is a children's book, there's something for everyone in it! The creators also hope to see this book used as a fun coffee table book or keepsake for anyone looking for a way to show respect to the culture. If you look closely, you will find several "easter eggs" which we have included not only for you; the fans of hip hop, but to pique the curiosity of the generations ahead of us.

There's no other book in this genre like 'My Hip Hop Story' and whether you are a hip hop parent, the 'cool and cultured' relative, or just a good gift-giver, we hope you enjoy our book.

Book Details:
Written by Gil Lara
Illustrated by DonCarlos Salinas
Paperback, Signed
Print Lengh: 47 Pages
Language: English
Publication Date: February 9, 2023
Size: 8.25 x 0.11 x 8.25
ISBN: 979-8218120184

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Signed by the artist DonCarlos Salinas

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